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Hello, and Welcome to The Masonic Forum.

The Masonic Forum is a courageous step forward for Freemasons across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. This Forum is a central hub of communication, education and collaboration. Moreover, whether it be a cold and wet Sunday afternoon, or a sleepless night at 2am in the morning, the Forum is available to Freemasons to ask questions, provide answers, and share knowledge and experiences.

This unprecedented advancement in communication services sits on a robust hosting architecture coupled with security and privacy features spanning from initial Registration, to Access provisioning, through to internal Moderation services. 

  • this is a Closed and Moderated forum i.e., Guest access is not available and you must be a Registered User with Access provisions to gain entry;

  • the forum is open only to Freemasons who are financial members of a Craft Lodge under the Jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT; and

  • your Name, Masonic Rank, and Lodge are required during registration.

If you are not a Freemason and a member of a Craft Lodge under the Jurisdiction of NSW & ACT, your request for Forum membership will be denied; however, please visit the United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT for more information about Freemasonry. 

Registration is completed within minutes, you'll receive two automated emails from The Forum. Access provisioning is usually completed within 24 hours after you post a new Topic and announce your Lodge and Rank in the Forum.

So, click the Forum option on the Main Menu above and let's go!


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